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We are a collective of designers, artists, architects, engineers, and builders who are passionate about creating unique, effective designs. We are based on Gabriola Island on the West Coast of Canada. Read More

CURRENT CRAZE: Building with Cob:

Cob homes have been used for centuries and yet they are not even worked into our modern day building codes. Our recent forrays into cobbing have confirmed even more so that this form of natural building is not only beautiful, but exceptionally functional, durable, and flexible. Cob can be a great material for a wide variety of projects in a range of climates. It’s easy to learn the basic techniques and it’s great to get the whole community involved. Here are some of our recent cob projects:

Reclaimed wood spiral staircase

Reclaimed Wood Spiral Staircase

September 8, 2014


Cob House on an Island

September 6, 2014